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Whether promoting an idea, a product or a service, an image gets your message across effectively and quickly

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With wider bandwidths and cheaper mobile data, videos are becoming the ‘go-to’ media for business and organisations. For documentary, showreels, business promos and even the occasional wedding, scion creative can help.

About S.C.

A bit of history
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Taking a leap of faith in 2012, following a loss of job, I decided to take my hobby (well, one of my many hobbies) to the next level. I sold my first photograph in June 2012 and have been creating and providing images to clients ever since. My journey has taken me from tiny product photography to big budget film sets. If you look closely and don't blink, you may even see me on the box! I treat every job as though it were my first, with boundless enthusiasm and an eagerness to please, never allowing complacency to take a grip and always striving to do the best possible job. Thank you for viewing my site, I hope I may be of service to you someday.

I'm very friendly and like to chat and I've never ever bitten anybody